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Are Stars and Planets Alive?

Our Universe may be infinite. It’s hard to comprehend just how large the Cosmos is. The closest star to our Solar System is 4 Light years away. The Universe is all about mass and gravity. Supermassive Black Holes are the big dogs of the Universe with some of them billions of times more massive than our Sun. Celestial bodies are constantly at war with another. Galaxies colliding, planets & moons breaking apart, stars caught in binary pairs, Supernovas exploding leaving neutron stars or black holes in their wake, black holes colliding, and so much more. Much of which we just don’t know yet.

All of this death and destruction leads to rebirth. There’s a constant Cosmic Reincarnation taking place in the Universe. The awe inspiring size of the Universe leads one to question why and how the Universe became so massive. As we probe the Universe for life are we looking in the wrong spectrum? There is no question the Earth is alive. But is the Earth conscious? We often hear about, “Mother Nature” but is there a conscious force that governs the planet? We know that there are patterns through science, astronomy, and geology. The Universe is governed by these patterns on the grand scale of the cosmos and on the small scale of Quantum Mechanics. Supermassive Black Holes distort space time breaking down physics as we know them. What could change the laws of physics other than something that is alive?

I believe Supermassive Black Holes are alive. Stars give life to everything in the Universe. We are all made up of atoms in the form of stardust. How could everything alive be made up of Stardust and they themselves not be alive? We know the Earth is alive. We’re now certain that other planets and moons in our Solar System are alive too, but is there an intelligence governing them? I believe there is. We worshipped the Sun and Moon for millenniums. It’s now clear that our Moon is a dead moon. But how different was the moon when it lived? The fact the some planets and moons are considered alive or geologically active and some are considered dead shows there is a lifecycle.

We see it throughout the cosmos. Life, death, rebirth, and death. Humanity cannot comprehend the size of the Universe and the Celestial bodies that make up the Cosmos. Perhaps it was not made for us. We are a tiny species on a speck of rock hurdling through a spiral arm of the Milky Way. Our sun is one of 200 Billion Stars in the Milky Way alone. We have millions of viruses and parasites in our body. To parasites Human beings are relatively enormous. The Cosmos is relatively massive to us.

I believe the Cosmos is alive and the Stars, Planets, Moons, and Black Holes that make up the Universe has reached a level of consciousness that we just don’t understand. We have been looking for alien life in the wrong places. We are all made from atoms created by Stars. They are the givers of life and therefore must be alive as well.

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