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Are UFO’s a False Flag Operation?

Since the 1940’s and the Roswell incident we know the government’s stance when it comes to UFO’s is secrecy and deniability. We know that they denied UFO’s publicly while on the other hand were investing millions of dollars in black book projects studying and evaluating the very subject they were denying. Project Sign, Project Blue Book, The Majestic 12, and others all looked into the credibility of UFO’s.

However in 2017 everything changed. The United States government admitted the existence of UFO’s! They even admitted the existence of Area 51 a few years earlier. They even said these UFO’s are operating in our air space with impunity! So why the sudden change? Sure a lot of it had to do with whistle blowers like Luis Alizondo and others but they’ve dealt with coverups before. That’s their go to move.

Could it be that these UFO’s are the beginning of a False Flag Operation? Perhaps uniting the World into a single world government? What better way to do it than creating an enemy…Aliens. And if these UFO’s start attacking even better. Perhaps UFO’s are some kind of human technology that can do the dirty work of “enemies” to achieve certain things on Earth. The UFO’s end up destroying Russia it wasn’t the United States it was aliens! The public would believe it and be terrified. And what better way to rule than with fear! They admitted the existence of UFO’s to scare us and make us obey. Personally I don’t believe it but what an operation that would be.

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