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Diana, Princess of Wales Was Murdered

Updated: Apr 25, 2022

There are a few conspiracy theories that are no longer theories. They are facts. The public knows they have been lied to and it's insulting to our intelligence to be told otherwise. The death of Princess Diana did not happen the way the French government said it did. In fact a 2013 YouGov poll said 37% of Brits believe Princess Diana was murdered, and that number is likely to be much higher today.

To understand why the most famous and beloved woman on Earth was assassinated you have to go back to 1992. Diana was married to Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II's son and the future King of England. Their marriage had been toxic for years. Unlike the Royals who came before Diana and the ever steadfast Queen Elizabeth II the Royal Family had always avoided the spotlight.

As Sovereign it is not the Queen's place to interfere with government nor is it one's place to show emotion, especially in the public eye. Diana became addicted to the spotlight. She went after the biggest head-lining charities to be photographed with sick children. She walked in front of Charles, the future King. She didn't keep with palace traditions. She began to have extra marital affairs with other men. To be fair Charles was having affairs as well. She constantly demeaned Charles by purposely stealing the limelight and clashed with the Queen and the late Prince Philip. The family did not like it, but they put up with it to an extent. That is until 1992 when she completely crossed the line by doing something unforgivable. It was the starting line to a race that would ultimately lead to her death.

Princess Diana sat down with Martin Bashir for a tell all interview on National television. In it she talked about the breakdown of her marriage, all the pressure she feels as a Princess, her battle with bulimia, and the pressures of raising the future King of England. Her son William. She talked about how Charles was in love with another woman, Camilla Parker Bowles. Never before had a member of the Royal Family talked so candidly about what happens behind the Buckingham Palace doors. There was one statement that stood out among the rest however. Diana openly questioned Prince Charles' character and his ability to be King. Many journalists and members of parliament even noted, "In the old days we called this High Treason!" For centuries divorce within the Royal Family was impossible.

Queen Elizabeth II was even forced to block her own sister Margaret's plan to marry divorcee Group Captain Peter Townsend. But after this interview Queen Elizabeth wrote to Charles and Diana pleading with them to divorce. It was unheard of.

This interview was the start of her downfall, and a more comprehensive outline of who she really was a person began to come to light. Her Private Secretary and staff begged her not to do the interview. Not only was it a terrible idea, but it wasn't well received by the public at all. The public saw a Princess living a fairy tale life sit down and complain about how hard her life is, while also throwing shade at the ever popular House of Windsor. Diana's Private Secretary and staff all quit afterwards. Uneducated and alone Diana threw herself into the celebrity lifestyle and began to rely on shady characters. We found out later that Diana absolutely craved attention. She would choose the biggest headline grabbing charity events and purposely chose charities that would upset the Royal Family.

Somehow Diana and Charles remained married until 1996 and during this time Prince Philip would write Diana pleading with her to behave and reassuring her that she was still a member of the family to no avail. Diana continued to use her celebrity status for personal and monetary gains, but now there was talk of political gains. She began to secretly meet with Tony Blair about "How to make it look like she cares" at charity events and how to slingshot her fame into a political career. She continued to divulge intimate secrets about her marriage and the Royal Family. Putting the Firm in danger and a compromising position. But let's not forget they Dynasty has lasted a millennium. Diana, Princess of Wales would prove to be no match.

People close to Diana said she began to believe her own publicity. She was in a committed relationship with another man while married to Charles. The Royal Family needed her gone. Finally in 1996 the divorce was finalized and coincidentally Diana ended her 2 year love affair and was single for the first time since she was 18 years old. She quickly began to spiral out of control. She fell in with the rich and famous celebrities and abandoned the few people left who still protected and guided her. She was having secret meetings about how to make herself look good by taking pictures with "down and outs" or stopping by a hospital for a quick photo op. Her political aspirations were starting to be noticed as well. She was no longer "Her Royal Highness" she was Diana the former Princess. And that was dangerous. Diana had intimate knowledge of the inner workings of the Royal Family, the most secretive family in the world, and she had inside knowledge of Parliament.

The nail in the coffin for Diana was when she began to openly date Billionaire Play boy Dodi Fayed. The son of Egyptian Billionaire Mohhamed Al-Fayed. The same Egypt Britain went to war with over the Suez Canal earlier in Queen Elizabeth's reign. The same Egypt that was in bed with the Russians. Not only was she frolicking around on the Fayed yacht posing for paparazzi but she brought her two sons!! One of whom just happened to be the future King of England. This was a serious security issue for both the Royal Family and the English Parliament. So much so that even Tony Blair completely cut ties with Diana. Diana was increasingly becoming a more severe threat to the United kingdom. Everyone knew she was spiteful towards the Windsor Family, especially Charles, and wanted payback. She even stayed with Dodi at the former home of the King who Abdicated, Edward the VIII and Wallace Simpson's French Villa because she knew it would piss the family off. The family and the government were terrified of what she was capable of and even more so the effect she was having on her son William. It's no wonder that just two weeks after going public with Dodi and her relationship they would both be dead!

What many people don't know is Diana wrote a letter predicting her own death to her Butler. "He's planning an accident in my car, break failure or serious head injury depending on the path." However the name of the man was blacked out and redacted. On August 31, 1997 her prediction would come almost exactly true.

Diana and Fayed were killed in a car crash in a French tunnel. If you are going to kill someone and make it look like a car accident then a tunnel is the perfect place to do it. Especially with all the surveillance throughout Europe. Seven paparazzi were arrested for manslaughter, with authorities saying their high speed chase caused the crash. However almost immediately the story changed. Now the cause of death was attributed to the fact that the driver that night, Henri Paul, was drunk and on medication. This is actually the official story even to this day. Upon researching this story I was shocked to learn about the amount of inconsistencies, information that was left out or never explored, and how quickly the French investigation wrapped up. To this day there has never been a British investigation into the Death of Diana. I think we all know the reason why. Here are some of the extremely curious events and inconsistencies that took place during the investigation. Something I like to call the "Whys?"

  • Why was the crash site cleared, cleaned, and re-opened just 4 hours after the crash?

  • Why was the traffic police inquiry not included in the official report?

  • Why was the first and only eye witness, Erik Patel, silenced, arrested, and discredited?

  • Why was the autopsy of Henri Paul released before it even took place?

  • Why was Henri Paul, a former MI6 Agent and Head of Security acting as a Chauffeur?

  • Why did Henri Paul leave work only to return 2 hours later and beg Dodi to go out so late?

  • Why did Henri Paul come up with a ploy to trick paparazzi with two Mercedes?

  • Why did they take the route through the tunnel when it was miles off course from Dodi's flat?

  • Why was the crash timed so perfectly that no other motorists even saw it?

  • Why did witnesses here an explosion before the car crashed?

  • Why did the ambulance carrying Princess Diana stop twice taking 1 hour and 10 minutes to go 3 miles to the hospital?

  • Why did multiple witnesses including Erik Patel say there were no paparazzi in the tunnel?

  • How did police "lose" Erik Patel's file and witness statement when the subpoena went through?

  • Why did the lone survivor Bodyguard Trevor Rees-Jones not deploy a backup vehicle for protection? Which was standard operating procedure.

  • Why are Trevor Rees-Jones statements about the accident not public?

  • If Henri Paul was drunk why would the body guard let him drive? Rees-Jones had questioned and stopped other drivers in the past.

  • Why did Henri Paul's autopsy show he had carbon dioxide levels over 20%? A figure that would incapacitate someone and make them violently sick and disoriented.

  • Why did France appoint a mid level judge to run the investigation?

  • How did she get killed in the only European country that keeps inquiries secret from the public.

  • How were so many claims later refuted? Such as they determined the speed of the car by fining the speedometer stuck on 120 Kph. Mercedes later said that's impossible and they were forced to back track.

  • After finding white paint on the Mercedes from a Fiat Uno how is it possible they never tracked down that car?

  • How was it that a paparazzi named James Andanson drove a white Fiat Uno and had his tail light fixed just days after the crash in the tunnel but was never a suspect?

  • Why did Andanson, a paparazzi, spend two days on Fayed's yacht with Diana and Dodi?

  • Why like Henri Paul did James Andanson have ties to MI6?

  • Why did people close to Andanson say he bragged about getting Diana's last breaths on camera?

  • Why did Andanson "commit suicide" just 1 year later by burning himself alive in his white Fiat Uno in the middle of a field?

These are just the top bullet points I've included. There was so much wrong with this investigation. In my opinion Diana was killed by MI6 after receiving blessing from the Royal Family. I have to be honest though I don't blame them. She was a risk to National Security and the future of the Monarchy. The death of Diana solved all their problems. She was no longer a threat to the Windsors and she would no longer influence her son William. After her death people felt compassion for the dynasty again. Like the rest of the country they too were in mourning. Diana would be remembered in this skewed light as the Queen of people's hearts and Queen Elizabeth II was everyone's favorite Granny again. The public also felt compassion toward Charles and William the future Kings. Diana's death saved the dynasty and made them more popular than ever. It didn't just solve their problems it empowered them. And like JFK before her served as a warning to any President or Monarch who didn't tow the line. Do as your told or die.

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