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New Forbes Video About Who is Unvaccinated and Why is a Joke

Wow!! How pathetic Forbes. Focusing on Republicans specifically white Republicans while completely ignoring the fact that Blacks and Hispanics are the two least vaccinated groups of people in America. Then justifying it with stats that around 30% of Republicans from Alaska, South Dakota, and Idaho won't get vaccinated. States that have about 3 people per 150 square miles. #SuperSpreader am I right? Lmao.

Have some balls if you're going to shame people who are unvaccinated. Show some Guts!! Not that it's any of your business anyway whether someone is vaccinated or not, you're a fuckin financial company. But if you're gonna sling shit against the wall to see what sticks, and actually report on who is refusing vaccinations and why. Maybe, just maybe include the 2 largest demographics of people who remain unvaccinated! Not to mention the undocumented immigrants pouring over the border in droves who don't get tested or forced vaccination while taking advantage of our health care system. And you wonder why there is vaccine hesitancy. Show some guts!! Tony Blinken, Finitio! Kamala Harris, finito! Joe Biden.....Finitooooooo!!!!!!! Fuckin Cowards...

Look at this last pic the New York times put out! How crazy are these people?! But I thought masks were supposed to save all the children?! The same ones who are unaffected by Covid.

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