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Teaching Liberals About Climate Change & Illegal Immigration

Updated: Aug 22, 2021

I saw a post today about how there has been an explosion in the number of minorities and a decrease in the amount of Caucasians for the first time in United States history. That’s fine with me. What concerns me is how we have open borders in the South and are allowing undocumented immigrants into the country on the basis of climate change.

This whole article made we wonder why the Democrats don’t ever bring up the number of people on our planet when speaking about Global Warming? Could it be because many of these groups are their voter base and it would contradict what they say in the media? Could it be the more people the more carbon emissions? Yet the Democrats are incentivizing low or no income families to have more children! Hmmm isn’t that counter intuitive to the climate crisis?

Then we have the boarder crisis where Democrats are granting asylum to people because of “climate change” and letting them in the United States. I didn’t know that climate change only affected Mexico! It‘s good climate change hasn’t affected the Farmers here. Maybe parts of Trump‘s wall kept that bad climate change out.

You’d think that if climate change is affecting Farmers everywhere, than bringing in millions of people into the country to farm less land would be a bad idea. It really is simple math. More people less land = bad. But nope these people could vote Democrat eventually, and since they have super rights and don’t need identification to vote I’m sure they will. According to the Democrats climate change is the only thing stopped from crossing the boarder. And they wonder why people don’t trust them!! I mean look at this map lmao. Climate Change is stopped in its tracks right at our Southern boarder. Keep up the great work Libs!

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