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The Medication Shortage is Here!

Updated: Jun 27, 2022

Ladies and gentleman your own Timmy DeVito has been in a fight for survival. Like all of you I rely on certain medications to convince myself things are going well in our society. I take a certain medication that puts a pep in the old step.

My doctor called it in 10 days ago to my local Walgreens. 2.8 rating but that’s a story for another day. The real mouthy chick told me to come back on Saturday. So I did. That’s when she said “you can look around cuz um we don’t have it.“ I said great can you transfer it?!” “Welllllll“, she exclaimed. Your doctor needs to call it in cuz it’s a controlled substance. So no.” On to the next one.

Then comes CVS. I get in line at 1:25 and up to the counter at 1:31. “Sorry siiir. We’re on lunch break.” Not a good start. Come back, they don’t have it. Call my doctor they say it’s in. CVS, “ohh it’s not.” Doctor, “yes it is” CVS, wait you’re right. But we don’t have it.”

Well who the fuck does?! Well CVS in the ghetto might. At this point fuck you, but I’ll try. But you need to call your Dr again. Ohh okay 6th time this week. Hope she’s not busy 👍. ”Hey Doc, gonna need the ghetto this time. Thanks Doc! You’re a peach.”

“Yo what up ghetto CVS? You got my meds? Ok name brand? “No you say? Just generic? Ohh my Dr needs to call it in? Fuck you.”

I will continue my quest to the ghetto. Heard they got Internet there. The medication crisis is here.


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