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Trey Parker and Matt Stone Buy the Denver Broncos

Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s $935 million dollar contract signed with ViacomCBS and Paramount + has to make them Billionaires. These guys have been ahead of the curve for a quarter century. Their original deal with Comedy Central in 2007 gave Parker and Stone 50% of all digital revenue!

Rumor has it Executives at the company laughed at this request thinking it was a worthless stipulation. Money from streaming or streaming platforms weren’t even a thought at that time. This ad sharing digital revenue makes Parker and Stone the same amount as it does an entire Multimedia conglomerate. Awesome!!! But it does make it difficult to calculate their Net Worth. Trey Parker has also gone through a couple divorces during this time period.

On August 5, 2021 Parker and Stone inked a deal with ViacomCBS worth $935 million dollars over 6 years. We all benefit from this! I’m excited to see more South Park and new original movies. They will be Billionaires by the end of this if they are not already. These are two of the smartest people on the planet. They continue to be the leaders in television and forerunners on new technology.

It wouldn’t surprise me if they end up making a bid to buy the Denver Broncos. The Broncos owner Pat Bowlen passed away recently and there is a void at the top. Parker and Stone now have serious money. Enough to be an NFL Owner. Can you imagine that? After all of the times they have made fun of Roger Goodell, Jerry Jones, Dan Snyder, The Patriots, Tom Brady, and other NFL owners. No one is safe from appearing on South Park and the pair really doesn’t care about the outrage some of their content sparks. That’s what makes these guys so great.

Parker and Stone are the American dream. Make so much money that you can say anything you want and no one can do a thing about it. These guys are my heroes. If they end up buying the Broncos I will be elated for all the content to follow. Either way we get 6 more years of hilarious content and Parker and Stone continue to grow more powerful. Pointing out the hypocrisy in our society through the town of South Park and the wild characters who live there. We could all use more South Park, Team America, Baseketball, and Cannibal the Musical during these uncertain times. 2027 will mark 30 years for the brilliant duo and I for one can’t wait.

Buy the Broncos!

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