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Are The Greys Here to Stay?

Grey Aliens have been a pop culture phenomenon since the 1940s. When you think of an alien you think of a Grey. They have large dark almond shaped eyes. An elongated skull encasing an overly large brain. They have slits for mouths, no vocal chords, and communicate telepathically. They are child like 3 to 4 feet tall with spindly bodies and long fingers. Everyone knows what a Grey alien looks like. In a recent study it was reported that 73% of all reported alien encounters are with the Greys! Are all these people lying? Have they been brainwashed by Hollywood and pop culture or do the Greys do indeed exist? And if they do what are they?

The United States government has admitted UFO's are invading our airspace with impunity. There are four different possible scenarios. Number 1. these objects are being intelligently controlled. Either remotely as a drone or flown by a pilot. Number 2. UFO's are strange weather phenomenon. For some instances absolutely but weather can't explain a number of these sightings. Number 3. They are United States Military Black Budget Projects or other country's technology. Based on how advanced some of the aerial maneuvers are it is unlikely any government has advanced that far. Number 4. This will be controversial, but UFO's or Angelic or vehicles of Ancient Gods returning as prophecies foretold. That one can tie into Number 1. They may be gods but it's much more likely they are flesh and blood extra-terrestrials. Especially when you take into account all of the data.

The Greys became a pop culture sensation after the released regression therapy tape of Betty and Barny Hill. They describe in vivid detail being taken aboard a ship and experimented on. They were interested in their reproductive organs. The terror on their voices while under hypnosis is something I'll never forget, and I recommend you don't watch it alone.

In Christian Mythology the Bible talks about the Watchers. A group of Angels tasked with watching Earth. People who have allegedly interracted with the Greys say they communicate with you telepathically and have referred to themselves as the Watchers. There have been sightings and reported Interactions with the Greys dating all the way back to the Aurora Crash. The Greys do seem to be watching Earth. They have been shadowing our military for decades and policing our Nuclear weapons. It's no mistake that during the Cold War Greys would shut down Nuclear War Heads with impunity. Don't believe me? Check out the video below from first hand eye witnesses at Malmstrom Air Force Base who shut down 10 Nuclear missiles one after the other. Something that was deemed impossible since they all operate independently.

The Greys are the work bees of the Alien world. They are constantly seen all over our planet. They may have even been biologically engineered by a more advanced species. They are the front lines taking notes on our planet. I believe they have a vested interest in us rather than wanting to destroy us. When people communicate with them they are worried about the planet and what humanity is inflicting upon Mother Earth. I think like us the Greys were created by a hyper advanced species. The Greys are Humanoid after all and seem to be built for Space travel where humanity is built for Earth's gravity. There have been reports from abductees that the Greys report to a tall Praying Mantis looking creature although there is not enough evidence to know for a fact.

The amount of evidence compiled of the existence of the Greys leads me to believe that The Greys are here. They have been here for a long time and don't seem to be leaving anytime soon. Whether they have pacts in place with members of government is speculation at this time. Although there is solid evidence supporting this theory. I find it interesting that after the Vietnam War the U.S Military changed their rules of engagement to observe and do not engage. There were so many reports of UFO's and the Greys during the Vietnam and Korean Wars. The U.S Military found out the hard way that these Aerial Phenomenon had a protective insulation around the craft that returned anything fired at it directly back at the sender. If the Greys are here scouting for an invasion they may not need fire a bullet to do so. Our guns will do all the work for them. And this is America baby, we have a lot!

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