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Why Was CNN President Jeff Zucker Really Fired?

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

Yeah yeah we’ve all heard the story how Zucker was banging his long time coworker Allison Gollust. But, is that the reason he was really fired? We’ve heard that the Cuomo brothers got revenge by airing Zucker’s dirty laundry that he and Gollust were coaching then Governor Andrew Cuomo on what to say. That part is definitely true but it’s not the reason.

These people are depraved. A good ole fashion adultery mixed in with a little political coaching isn‘t enough to get fired in LiberalLand. There’s more to this story.

The Left and CNN in particular have been on the Censorship warpath. Isn’t great how the ones coming after our first amendment right are those who lie openly and consistently. They are literal disinformation machines. Remember the whip story? Or Kyle Rittenhouse? Or January 6th? Or the Russian Collusion Hoax?

Ahhh the Russian collusion hoax. Could it be that John Durham has uncovered evidence that CNN ran with all the Russian Collusion bullshit knowing it was fake? Or even participating in the narrative? The Lefts‘ war on free speech even supports the narrative. The Left will always accuse the other side of the things they are doing themselves. Now they want to muddy the water and literally censor the other side. There are tons of information they don’t want out.

I believe something big is coming from this Durham investigation. The left and CNN are panicking. They‘re going down for the Russian Collusion Hoax and they know it. That’s why they’re getting out in front with the Zucker Gollust drama. I can’t wait to see the same anchors defending the two completely change tune and condemn them. Ahhhh these people suck.

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