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Why Was The Solar Sunspot Observatory Raided By FBI?

Updated: Apr 26, 2022

NPR - "Newly unsealed court documents have explained the mysterious closure of a New Mexico observatory earlier this month, revealing that authorities were investigating one of the facility's janitors for possession and distribution of child pornography. The Sunspot Solar Observatory at Sacramento Peak was shut for 11 days for "a security issue," and its closure drew cheeky speculation that authorities were investigating the presence of UFOs. According to a warrant application, which was filed last week and unsealed a few days ago, the FBI was examining the observatory – but not for the presence of aliens. In an affidavit, an FBI agent wrote that she was looking at the "activities of an individual who was utilizing the wireless internet service of the National Solar Observatory in Sunspot, New Mexico, to download and distribute child pornography."After authorities seized a laptop computer in the facility with images of child pornography, the warrant application says an employee observed the janitor's behavior at the facility becoming "frantic." He repeatedly approached the employee throughout the day with questions about "missing items and lax security. Observatory officials then decided to close the facility "without advice from the FBI," the warrant application states."

This story scares the hell out of me. The Sunspot Solar Observatory was shut down for 11 days for child porn? Anyone involved in that should be shot, it'd sure make things a lot easier. I have never heard of another instance like this. Where they would lock down the offender and their coworkers for more than a day. Let alone 11 days. Who was this guy exactly? A Janitor? Wait, he really was the Janitor?! This story makes no sense.

I can tell you with absolute certainty that a janitor at a government funded grant makes enough money to have their own computer or phone. I don't think this dude was running some porn circuit out of the Solar Sunspot Observatory. And there's no doubt the jewel of the solar observatory fleet would go down for 11 days because of the mother fucking Janitor. I mean how pissed must these people have been? They're Astronomers and Scientists but they are on lockdown for almost two weeks because Jorge the Custodian couldn't fucking stop downloading porn?! I mean can't you just picture him sitting at one of these Nasa computers downloading images then waiting for the 1980's style printout, ripping the edges off quickly as the machine 'beep beep beeps' then booking it out of the Observatory with his print outs flapping in the wind. All without being seen by anyone apparently. Jorge’s actually the Janitor Jason Bourne.

Many people think this is alien related and I will tell you that is a real possibility.

This Observatory is located in the New Mexico desert. Observing sun spots is really important because we now know they usually come before a solar flare, or worse a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME). Along with other space based telescopes like the Parker Solar Probe, the Sunspot Observatory is meant to observe and learn all we can about our own star. The Sun or SOL if you watch Raised by Wolves. Praise SOL. One thing we learned is that the sun has an enormous magnetic field. This magnetic field is so strong it'll launch plasma from the sun thousands of miles high into large looping rivers of raining plasma. These follow the magnetic field lines of the Sun and the bursts of energy is thought to be driven by magnetism.

When these loops break they can burst and send a wave of deadly radiation, solar wind, and cosmic rays throughout the Universe. Coindientaly, the only thing protecting us from other star's deadly cosmic rays is the Sun's solar wind. Cosmic rays fire out of the sun like bullets straight through the solar system. They are lethal and can actually break apart DNA and cause cancer. Even Pluto is showered with them. The only thing protecting the Earth is our magnetic field. Sunspots are dark spots on the sun that appear briefly and are usually followed by large solar flares. That is because the spots appear where the magnetic field converges. It‘s where the magnetic field is the strongest.

This observatory is really important and houses some of the best Astronomers and Scientists in the World. It's also in the United States not some foreign country. Now the question is what did these people see? They are located in New Mexico. A hot spot for UFO's and home of the famous Roswell incident. It is very possible they saw a UFO or even direct evidence of alien life. It's possible they saw a massive craft using our Sun's energy to refuel or worse they saw evidence of a coming invasion. But would they really lock it down for 11 days for that? That draws a lot of attention and unwanted heat. Usually in UFO witness cases they threaten the hell out of you and one really don't know what agency or people you're even talking to. Some witnesses are even visited by strange men wearing black the following week. The government has been covering up UFO's for decades, but this really isn't their style. I think it's much worse.

Our Sun is a medium size star. It will end it's life as a White Dwarf Star. We know this. But before that it will grow to a Reg Giant Star. When it does that the Sun will grow so large it will actually extend all the way out to Jupiter. The Earth will be inside the Sun. That'll be a bad day. However the heat and light from the Sun will kill us long before that. The Sun has been around for 4.6 billion years. We observe White Dwarf stars all the time, it’s clear the Sun’s life is less than 7 billion years. Our star is a 3rd generation star, which means it was created from 2 separate supernova remnants. The Sun is a giant nuclear reactor. It fuses hydrogen to helium inside its core. It gets slightly bigger and slightly hotter every year. There’s nothing we can do about it. Eventually it will get so big it’s outer layers won’t be held down by gravity and it will expand to a Red Giant before ending its life in a fantastic planetary nebula. All that remains is the smoldering remains of a White Dwarf, surrounded by one of the most beautiful phenomena in the Universe.

They say we have 2 Billion years before that happens. What they don’t tell you is the Sun will fry us way before then. We have 500 Million years tops on that front. But the Earth is only safe for as long as we have a working magnetic field, and who the hell knows how long that’ll last? We think they’re generated by molten metal sloshing around Earth’s core, but aren’t positive. We know Mars had a magnetic field but doesn’t now. Something catastrophic happened to the magnetic field opening Mars up to cosmic rays. The solar rays burned Mars‘ atmosphere off and turned the planet into a barren, scorched, and frozen desert.

I believe the employees of the Sunspot observatory saw something that indicated our sun may be expanding to a Red Giant must faster than we originally thought. They may have even seen evidence that Earths‘ magnetic field is waning and more deadly cosmic rays are entering our atmosphere. Whatever the reason the fact the FBI locked this place down for 11 days with all the employees inside is terrifying. It screams I saw something I shouldn’t have. One fact remains clear. It wasn’t cuz Jorge couldn’t keep it in his fucking pants!


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