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The ASA regulates gambling advertising under the umbrella of the Gambling Act 2005 and through collective regulation with the Gambling Commission and Ofcom The ASA sets and enforces rules to ensure that gambling advertisements (wherever they appear) do not undermine safe gambling and are socially responsible. The rules do that by: • Keeping gambling adverts away from Tv programmes, websites and other media content that appeal more to people under 18 than to adults; • Ensuring that the content doesn’t exploit vulnerabilities associated with gambling.513 483.

The ASA regulates non-broadcast advertising, including newspapers, posters, websites, social media, cinema, emails, leaflets and billboards. This is done through the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP). Co-regulation is an arrangement the ASA have with Ofcom which has given the ASA a contract to regulate Tv and radio advertising, through the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP).

They issue jointly a Code specifically for 509 Q 106 (Simon Wykes) 510 Q 168 (Guy Parker) 511 Q 130 (Dan Taylor) 512 Q 106 (Phil Cronin) 513 Written evidence from Advertising Standards Authority (GAM0059) Gambling,514 and it is a requirement of the LCCP that operators should comply with the Code.515 484.

In February 2018 the CAP and the BCAP published guidance, Gambling advertising: responsibility and problem gambling516 “to ensure that ads are safe and with a particular focus on mitigating potential harms associated with problem gambling.” They explained: “The new guidance focuses on the ‘tone’ of ads. In essence, advertisers must be more careful with the messages they use. Based on evidence, we targeted risk factors (presented in advertising claims, imagery or other marketing approaches) that could unduly influence vulnerable groups to behave irresponsibly.”517


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