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Is China Manipulating Mother Nature to Create The Most Devastating Weapon on Earth?

The fact the Chinese have been building islands is no secret. However the question remains what are these islands being built for? Why are they investing so much time and money for a couple of sandbars in the South China Sea? We know they’re government is sinister. Much like our own.

America has been using the HARP Program to manipulate our weather for a long time. Shooting high particle beams into the atmosphere. Spitting in Mother Natures face while praising Lucifer the Light Bearer. I believe the Chinese are doing something similar but on a much larger scale.

The Chinese are harnessing the power of the ocean.

What better deterrent is there than having the ability to harness the ocean itself? It’s biblical. Like Moses parting the Red Sea. According to multiple sources including CNN’s Brian Stelter and Don Lemon, China is using sonic weapons and nuclear bombs to create massive Tsunami’s and Earthquakes in the South China Sea.

The first test of the weapon was on March 11, 2011. China turned its sights on its long time neighbor and mortal enemy Japan. Creating a massive earthquake which triggered a tsunami. They knew Fukushima power plant was not up to code and would be hurt. What they didn’t realize was the Japanese resolve. The Japs have been bathed in radiation for almost 80 years after getting two nukes dropped on them. They got a high tolerance.

However the test went swimmingly. The Ultimate goal of this mega weapon is to create a giant wave that spans the length of the Pacific and crashes into the West Coast of the United States. The infrastructure is there and so is the capability. The islands must be destroyed.

*A spokesperson for China said Mexico would be collateral damage.

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