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Is Joe Biden Cognitively Impaired?

Like many of you I watched in horror as Joe Biden addressed the nation 25 minutes late. In times of uncertainty and tragedy we Americans look to our leaders to inspire us and instill confidence. The speech Joe Biden gave recently did neither. In fact it did the exact opposite. He spoke in a monotone voice often fumbling and losing his place. When asked tough questions by his so called “nemesis” Peter Doocy Biden folded like a lawn chair. clutching his binder with his head down in an image that will be burned into the minds of Americans from this day forward.

This is nothing new. Over the past month we have seen Biden fade right before our eyes. Our leader has led us astray. The situation he created in Afghanistan was unacceptable yet he refuses to take any real responsibility. In fact before this shameful terrorist attack the media was already trying to spin the Biden made crisis into a triumph. That sentiment is rightly over. The decision made to abandon Bagram Air Base was one of the most illogical tactical decisions ever. Yet Biden said it had no strategic importance. Does that decision seem like it was made by a sound mind?

Over the past month we have seen Biden squint to read a teleprompter while fumbling his way through words he doesn’t understand. He was never an intelligent man but he did have charisma at one point. He was never empathetic, even though they painted him that way during the 2020 election. We see it now every time he’s asked a tough question he snaps at reporters. Often taking personal jabs of their appearance or beliefs.

Every question Biden answers is pre determined. Don‘t believe me? At the end of his last speech Biden read a card he wasn‘t supposed to. In a Ron Burgendy moment Biden read,"Ladies and gentlemen, they gave me a list here. The first person I was instructed to call on was Kelly O'Donnell from NBC.” Who are they and why do ”they” have control over our President? Someone needs to add a “Go Fuck Yourself Delaware“ to the teleprompter soon. I’m sure he will read it.

In my opinion Joe Biden is cognitively impaired and it’s sad. Sad that the Liberals wanted Trump out of the office so badly that they cleared the field for a senile geriatric to move into the White House. They gave him a Vice President that literally no one has confidence in so he could remain at the top for as long as possible. They’re literally using Joe Biden like Bernie Lomax in Weekend at Bernies.

Biden is clearly impaired. He ran out of the press conference faster than Usain Bolt. He said I have another meeting for real. What’s more important than the worst terrorist attack on Americans in over a decade? His interview with George Steph. was pitiful. He even knocked on wood about deaths in Afghanistan and said the withdrawal couldn’t have been any better. C’mon man! That was 4 days ago, 5 days ago when speaking about people falling off of planes. That too was incorrect. For the last month he has lied blatantly to Americans faces on behalf of ”they” and clearly he is cognitively impaired.

Whether you are a Democrat or a Republican as Americans we should expect more from our leaders. They need to do better! They need to be held accountable! As do the people around them. No American should be happy with the job Joe Biden or Kamala Harris has done. Joe Biden will be 79 soon. Imagine his mental state in 3 years when he’s 82. This is the man we want negotiating on the World stage and preventing Covid deaths? Not to mention controlling our military apparatus and Nuclear arsenal? I’ll say it again, our leaders need to do better! Joe Biden is an embarrassment and needs to resign! He’ll forget he was ever President within a week.


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